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Supplying Quality Furniture to Support Early Years Learning


We are more than just 
FF&E consultancy.

  • We are over 90 years of experience in educational furniture, with a global supply reach and our own fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers.
  • We offer a truly end to end service, with an experienced team here to help you fully deliver a vision of a school that goes beyond aesthetics and builds the foundation for an optimal educational experience.

Tailor-made solutions.

  • Our collaborative approach ensures that each project stays bespoke, with us having full control of the design
  • We work at BIM Level 2 standard to create a schedule and product book that will give you room by room layouts, fixed furniture sections and detailed 2D and 3D room visuals, ensuring a thorough and immersive experience.

Specialist focus.

  • We understand the wide scope of needs and challenges faced by educational establishments, so can translate briefs into winning tenders with ease.
  • Having relationships with, and access to suppliers all over the world means we can also pinpoint the exact piece of loose or fitted furniture that fulfils a specialist need, there is no limit to our buying power

FF&E Team

Chanelle Williams
FF&E Major Projects Consultant

Cheryl Redman
Head of FF&E Design

Ilda Pinote
FF&E Design Consultant

Harriet Newman
FF&E Design Consultant

Who we've worked with