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Supplying Quality Furniture to Support Early Years Learning


We have designed spaces for over 90 years, in schools and nurseries all over the UK. To get the best from an Early Years setting there are lots of factors to consider, but here we’ve broken it down into four simple steps to get you started.


Consider the space.

Early Years settings have a lot going on, and need to be well thought out so that congestion of any one area is avoided, and creative free play is easy, across each zone or room. When you work with us, we take exacting measurements of every available wall, surface, nook and cranny, to make sure our designs are right first time. We also consider how staff need to move around the space, from room to room, as well as childrens access to play surfaces, storage, and cloakrooms. All of these factors are the building blocks to how well your setting will work.

Physically distant.

With COVID changing the landscape of our lives, how you arrange your setting now will likely be very different to how you have done in the past. Spaces need to be flexible and easy to adapt should the need arise, with furniture that can easily be repurposed. We have continued to work with nurseries throughout the pandemic and understand their unique needs.

Nursery style.

What sort of aesthetic or colour scheme do you have or want in your setting? Whether it’s bright and bold, or a more natural colour palette, everything we offer is available in a huge range of finishes and colours. We can provide you with swatches and samples for colour matching and to review materials, so you can be confident in your choices and that everything is as expected.


We have a global supply reach, as well as our own exclusive ranges, so there is a vast amount of furniture to choose from! Our Early Years Furniture Consultant Caroline Izard can help you navigate those choices, working alongside you to pick the ranges that suits your needs and budget.


As always, if you have any questions and would like to speak to our Early Years Furniture Consultant Caroline Izard, then please email us or call 01869 320320